Wednesday, November 10, 2010

15 Days...still alive

I cannot even begin to contain my excitement about the fact that Thanksgiving is a meager 15 days away...even though just yesterday I was complaining about how 16 days was soooo many.  That's what happens when a particular school assignment that I don't want to do is looming over my head; it's all turned in now though.  Unfortunately, I have many more to go before I can finally enjoy a holiday, but at least being busy makes time fly.  It also makes me forget to eat.  Bonus.

I had some carrots and cherry tomatoes earlier with yellow mustard (about 100 cals at most), then a lean cuisine for dinner (250 cals), and finally a little hot cocoa (70 cals).  That brings me to a grand total of...420 calories.  That's much better than yesterday, I think.  Probably the main reason why the caloric content for today is so low is because 1) my stomach has been trying to rip me apart, 2) I've been sleeping because of the lack of sleep last night, and 3) I feel fat?  Also, I've been frozen solid for weeks now, which I can only assume is a direct result of my low food intake and poor nutrition (not that I care about that).  It's weird because it isn't the air around me that cools me but my actual body temperature.  I have waves of chills that come over me, and no amount of clothes, blankets, or mittens can warm me up.  When I go to sleep, it's the worst because I'm not moving or regulating any body heat.  My roommate thinks I'm a freak because it's 74 degrees in our apartment and as she waltzes around in short shorts, I'm wearing several pairs of pants, two long sleeves shirts, a sweatshirt, two pairs of wool socks, a scarf, and gloves, all wrapped up in a blanket and fucking freezing.  Oh well, such is life.  I may vocally complain about being cold, but secretly I'm basking in it because it means I must be doing something right.

I love how not eating yields less of a need for sleep and a frigid body temperature.  It's perfect for me:  I can stay up studying and pull all nighters without bingeing the next day AND I can wear lots of layers and feel all cozy, warm and fuzzy (minus the "warm" part) inside.  I'm bored with Wednesday now; time to sleep.


  1. haha I was having this convo with my buddy who is ANA too she is always cold just like me and we are always complaining but smiling our asses off. lmao yay for th 15 days!!! get all warm sweetie xoxox

  2. I love that about restricting too!
    Good luck studying and sleep well!