Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The melody is in my head

I'm in love with misery, I'm a fan of diamond rings.
Cut me with that shiny thing, tie me down and watch me bleed.
I can liven your wildest dreams, feed your darkest fantasy.
I am here, I'm on my knees, begging for some release.

Cause I am falling in too deep, drowning myself endlessly,
searching for a gentle stream to guide me to a better dream.
And every night in my sleep, I'm waking up to my own screams,
tossing, turning relentlessly, and tearing my last shred of sanity.

The sun has set long ago; the stars are gone, they've gone back home.
I'm screaming everything I know to realize I'm all alone.

But there is a face that haunts my days.
Seeing bloodshot eyes, gazing back at me.
And I cannot sleep, it's frightening me.
I'm wrestling with phantoms in my dreams.

I'm standing here, in a room all alone,
surrounded by mirrors on each and every wall.
I'm searching for the exit, but I can't find the door.
Can't handle my reflection anymore.

And I need you now to comfort me somehow,
whisper soothing words and hold me through the night.
Cause I'm seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye,
and I feel a shiver run down my spine.

And though I'm in love with tragedy, and I'm a fan of wicked things,
it's a flaw in my personality, please someone explain it to me.
I'll sign my name on the dotted line if you really think I've lost my mind.
But before you throw me in a padded room, remember it was you who gave up so soon.