Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I just went skiing for two days with my family, and it was amazing.  We went to Pennsylvania, which is no Vail, but skiing in Colorado is expensive so I'll take what I can get.  I have to say, though, I was really bummed that there weren't any glades (tree skiing for those of you who don't know) that were worthwhile because there just wasn't enough snow on the ground between the trees.  Glades and moguls are my favorite ski runs, but unless you're out West, you can't really get them.  So we only skied one glade, where I found myself seemingly skiing on dirt and twigs more than anything else, which isn't good for your skis nor is it that thrilling when you're watching out for abrupt rocks or logs than anything else.  And the other downside of skiing in Pennsylvania is that none of the runs are actually challenging.  I'm not an expert, but I've been skiing since I was little so I can pretty much ski anything in Colorado, making the blacks and double blacks at the place we went to way too easy.

Despite that, though, my skis rammed into a mogul because they were rentals, had very dull edges, and have not been waxed in way too long, so I couldn't turn fast enough, and I ended up slamming onto my arm in heap of snow/ice.  It's sad because I never fall, but then again, I usually use my own equipment, which surprisingly makes a huge difference when you're skiing.  So now I have to get dressed with one arm because my left one is feeling very unpleasant.  It's not broken or dislocated because I think I would know if it were, but skiing the rest of the day was a little rough because every time I used my left arm to pole or turn (so very often), it felt like it was about to be ripped off.  Oh well...skiing was still a blast even if I just complained for two paragraphs.

Tomorrow I'm planning on posting to question you all about New Years plans.  I have a few friends who want me to go out with them, but the problem is that 1) we don't have actual plans and 2) I really really really don't like huge crowds.  And the possibility (or rather, guarantee) that I will be packed like a sardine in a busy bar and left to be groped by creepy men does not really appeal to me...I've never been partial to New Years because it feels like I could go out and do the same things on a different weekend where there won't be so many people, I won't be rolling my eyes when people countdown to midnight, and I won't see a million dresses that I know girls bought only for one night from Forever21.  No offense if you do all that, but it's just not my kind of thing...just a matter of personal preferences, you know?  Anyway, what are your plans?  I need ideas or excuses to get out of it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


my parents really know how to piss me off.  i was just downstairs measuring out two tablespoons of chocolate chips, and my mom says, "wow, you really are addicted to sweets."  excuse me?!

this is coming from the woman who had two of the cookies i baked earlier at lunch and then three cookies later (at one time).  now, i'm not one to judge because i could totally eat an entire batch of cookies, so you won't hear me say anything about someone's food choices most of the time.  but when she said that as though i'm addicted to something truly evil and after my dad just grabbed a handful...i don't know.  why can't my parents just be nurturing for once and stop being so damn critical?

and then she wonders why i don't understand when anyone calls me beautiful?  how dare she get mad when i feel ugly when it seems like they only put on more pressure?  fucking hypocrites.

(sorry i'm being bitchy again...i'm just really irritated by the people who are supposed to love me)