Sunday, December 26, 2010


my parents really know how to piss me off.  i was just downstairs measuring out two tablespoons of chocolate chips, and my mom says, "wow, you really are addicted to sweets."  excuse me?!

this is coming from the woman who had two of the cookies i baked earlier at lunch and then three cookies later (at one time).  now, i'm not one to judge because i could totally eat an entire batch of cookies, so you won't hear me say anything about someone's food choices most of the time.  but when she said that as though i'm addicted to something truly evil and after my dad just grabbed a handful...i don't know.  why can't my parents just be nurturing for once and stop being so damn critical?

and then she wonders why i don't understand when anyone calls me beautiful?  how dare she get mad when i feel ugly when it seems like they only put on more pressure?  fucking hypocrites.

(sorry i'm being bitchy again...i'm just really irritated by the people who are supposed to love me)


  1. my mom does that too when i try to get sweets or something; its quite irritating. :/
    hope it gets better. <3

  2. Wow... that sucks. I think we have the same mom.. I'm sorry sweetie!
    xoxox stay strong

  3. Jerks!! You deserve to be treated better.