Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas i guess

my day was okay (other than me being a pig, of course), and i got a lot of cool gifts.  my favorite was the tote that my mom picked out for me; it's from fossil and has birds on it.

but all of the christmas joy was just sapped out of me about five minutes ago when my dad essentially called me fat.  i asked if there were chocolate chips left, as he reached for a handful, and he said that there were but that they're fattening.  so i commented that he was eating them, and he informed me that that was because he was skinny.

so i left and am in my room now.  if nothing else gives me motivation then surely one of my parents indirectly hinting that i'm a cow should.

merry fucking christmas.


  1. Your dad was really being an ass. That was just rude.
    There are better ways to deal with topics like that.
    So sorry :(

  2. What.
    Seriously, what the fuck?
    That was seriously uncalled for, I'm sorry your Christmas had to be ruined like that.
    You're beautiful