Saturday, April 23, 2011

Working Girl :)

My first week went great!  My brain has been cramming with excess information, and my training was accelerated so that I was essentially learning four weeks of material in three days because I'm taking over for someone whose last day was Thursday.  It's really a good thing that I learn quickly, or I would be fucked.  Next week, however, is going to be the true test to how much information I was able to grasp and understand from my scribbled notes.  Honestly, I think I'm going to be fine...but we shall see!  Everyone is so nice, too, which is really fortunate.  And I still can't believe that I'm truly a college graduate and out in the real world.  I may be the youngest at work, but I already feel old!  No more school is a strange feeling, even if I am planning on going back to school in a year or two to get my doctorate.

I bought two pairs of new shoes yesterday that I can wear to work, and they're adorable.  I bought Sperrys and Vans, which kind of seem like an odd combination...they're adorable though.  In case anyone was confused, I work in a lab so the dress code is much more casual.  It's not sweatpants and tshirts attire, but it's not formal business wear either.  I can just wear what I always wear, as long as I have closed toed shoes.  And the fact that the labs are freezing is nice because I won't look like so much of a freak for wearing long sleeves in summer...SCORE!

Alsoooo, I love working 40 hours a week because my diet has already drastically improved.  Since I'm working all day and incredibly self conscious eating in front of other people, I just get by with lots of black coffee (they already know I'm a coffee addict after three days at work...) and a special K protein bar.  Hopefully, if I keep this up, I will actually break through my usual rut.  I also need to get a gym membership at some point, but I tend to do worse when I'm working out since it's harder to not eat when you're burning calories.  You can also eat more, I suppose, but somehow I must overcompensate.  Currently, though, I'm just dreading Easter.  I won't be getting an Easter basket filled with candy, but my mom did buy chocolate bunnies from this phenomenal local chocolatier.  Must resist...

Now I'm going to listen to music, clean my room (maybe), and draw out my ideas for my tattoo...and go to the epically long Easter Vigil mass

Monday, April 18, 2011

First Day

Today is my first day at my new job!  I'm really nervous, and I would type more but I'm about to go out the door...I'm looking forward to finally being busy all again because then I won't have so much time to do nothing (but eat).

Crossing my fingers that all goes well in my transition from college to the real world...I'll update later ;)