Friday, July 23, 2010

ABC attempt again

I decided to start the ABC diet today just because.  So far today, I have had lots of diet pop, some grapes (100 cals maybe), and now black bean soup (280 cals).  We'll see how this goes.  The limit today is 500, for anyone who doesn't know.

Also, I got a vanilla candle today, and it smells amazing.  Vanilla is by far my favorite scent.  Vanilla and coffee = heaven in my eyes.

Life Is Like a Pack of Gum

This is one of my "deep thinking" moments.  I read this somewhere (don't even remember where exactly):

"Life is like a pack of gum...I've yet to figure out why."

Well, this would be this person's lucky day because I can tell you why.  When you begin chewing one stick of gum, you experience a satisfying moment of a burst of guiltless flavor.  And, depending on the type of gum, this will continue for some time.  But all too quickly, you find yourself reaching for a new stick of gum as the old one fades, and you find yourself experiencing an awkward emptiness with the loss of the flavor.  The pattern continues of you trying to fill the void with something new and exciting, but ultimately, the last piece will come and go and there is nothing else to reach for.  It's the breaking point when you crash into reality and have to make the decision on whether to continue filling the void with endless pieces of flavor that will only continue to diminish all too quickly, succeeding only in causing your jaw to cramp and feel sore by the constant chewing, or whether you search for another means of fulfillment that lasts longer than a piece of gum.

Me?  I keep buying the gum because I can't see beyond the pack.

So there, mysterious quote.  THAT is how life is like a pack of gum.