Sunday, January 23, 2011


This is random, but I felt the need to express my strange attraction to potheads.  I was watching Dazed and Confused earlier, and, even though he's really not that attractive if you look at him, Slader (or however you spell it) captivates me.  I swear, every time he appears on screen I am mesmerized; he says the funniest things.  The same thing happens in Pineapple Express, but let's be honest, James Franco is hot sooo I don't know if it's just that he's a pothead in that movie.  But there's something about him running around with messy (but still sexy) hair and pajamas and making really deep and pointless observations.  Perhaps the latter is the reason for my fetish.

I think that smokers tend to seem like really laid back and happy people, content to just sit, smoke, and think.  I've only done so on a few occasions, but I just love being around the whole scene because of how relaxed it is.  It seems like their stress just fades away and suddenly the little things in life are just so fascinating.  And I find myself jealous because, while I brood most of the day, my thoughts are much darker, less peaceful, and certainly not funny if expressed aloud.  If my thoughts were put into a movie, it would be put on Lifetimes and people would only watch and say, "Wow, that's fucked up," because they had nothing else to do and there was nothing better on TV.  I suppose that's why thoughts are thoughts; I've always figured that what goes on in my mind isn't meant to be known...otherwise it would have come from my mouth instead, right?  I find that I censor most of what I say or else mumble incoherently...that would be problematic for my boring Lifetime movie.  They would need subtitles just to translate my lack of annunciation.  Granted, half of the time when I'm talking it's more to myself than for someone else's benefit, and there's really no point in speaking clearly when you already know in your head what your saying...

Wow, I've changed topics drastically.  I have other things to complain about, like how overly happy people irritate me...hell, happy people in general tend to irritate me (or at least confuse me).  The whole concept of always smiling and being cheerful boggles my mind a bit.  But I will leave that discussion for another day and try to reiterate my love for potheads.  They are fantastic people.  So if you smoke, I already like you.  I wish I could have a little circle of friends like in That 70's Show...what I'd give for that.

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