Saturday, May 14, 2011


Have you ever felt like you were drunk without a drop of alcohol touching your tongue?  I swear I have been for the past hour.  It happens to me sometimes that I'll suddenly feel a little dizzy before my mind goes fuzzy, my vision slightly delayed, and the world seems like it's turning upside down.  My skin usually starts to sweat, my arms grow weak, and I swear that my heart is pounding.  When you're sipping a special drink and this happens, you think, "Yes, my (enter alcohol of your choice) is working!"  But when you're simply sitting on a piano bench, struggling to see the keys, you think, "Holy shit, what is this?!"  And then, you continue to attempt to play, pretending like it's normal to feel like you're about to fall to the floor.

If you're me, you might decide that you drank to much water or ate too much food and a trip to the bathroom is just the right cure.  That's what I did, and while my head still hurts, at least part of my discomfort is gone.  I'm sure that was not good for me, but, like I've said a million times, when do I ever do anything that's good for me?

...although I did go tanning today for the first time in a very long time AND I got my nails touched up.  They're gold now, by the way, and I love them.  Also, I thought I'd mention that yesterday? Friday the 13th?  Yeah, I was definitely jinxed because everything I did was chaos.  I work in a lab, and I was convinced, at one point, that when I turned on a sink, I was going to somehow start a fire.  That's how disastrous my day was.  Fortunately, no fire was started, but don't get me started on all my other troubles.  I blame the date.

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