Friday, November 5, 2010

Magical Pounds

I did laundry yesterday, and today I felt like I had gained ten pounds over night.  The logical part of my brain was reminding me that no, I probably did not gain ten pounds for no reason, but I couldn't help it.  Most people like it when their jeans shrink from washing and drying, and I used to.  Now, though, I just felt traumatized.  It's weird to be wearing loose pants one day and tight ones the next.  I refuse to wear the pants tomorrow now...and I still feel like I've ballooned!!!!!

Sorry this is such a short post, but I've had so much shit to do this week.  I'll update you in more detail tomorrow (though technically it'll probably be the same day since it's technically Friday already).


  1. ugh. i hate it when pants shrink in the wash. i know the feeling, im like... gah! did i get fatter overnight?! im sure you didnt though. (:

    <3 stay lovely.

  2. It could just be some water weight hun. I hate that feeling though I get so fkn psyched when my jeans loosen then i'm like "awwww FML" when they are tight again. you are amazing sweetie keep it up. xoxoxox

  3. That's why I never put trousers in the dryer!! And if a pair goes in by accident, I end up terrified of them for weeks, and won't even try them on... :/