Monday, November 1, 2010


I got a manicure and acrylic nails a few weeks ago, and I'm going again tomorrow but don't know what I want!  I currently am sporting dark purple nails (like an eggplant color), and I love them.  I'm definitely ready for a change, though.  I can't explain it, but I've had this weird desire to get a semi french manicure like thing with wine red nails but cream colored tips...I've never seen it before, but I just really want to do it.  I think french manicures are really pretty, but it's never been my kind of style.  And since it's fall, I don't want any bright colors.  So I thought that doing a french manicure with a bit of a twist was right up my alley?  What do you think?  I like to be different, but I'm definitely picking a color that would look good on my skin tone and with my wardrobe...

Also, I met a beautiful man from the Netherlands last weekend.  I'm hoping that maybe something will happen, but he's out of the country for the next two weeks.  What is it about accents that just automatically ups a guy's sex appeal?  Maybe it's the way their words literally just drip from their lips in this soft, foreign manner...I don't know.  Sometimes I wish I lived in Europe so I could be the foreign girl...but I don't know how sexy American girls are to European probably doesn't work both ways.  (Sigh)

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