Monday, February 14, 2011

[Insert colorful word of choice] Valentine's Day

Oh, Valentine's Day, you are an utterly pointless holiday.

I'm sure many people get depressed when they're single on Valentine's Day, but to be honest, I'm kind of indifferent (to being single, I mean...I have strong opinions on every other matter regarding this day).  Being single on February 14th doesn't bother me since, well, I've always been single anyway.  What bothers me is the purely superficial, materialistic, fake, and just plain dumb dedication to a day that was never founded on anything other than Hallmark wanting to make some money.  Okay, maybe there was a St. Valentine and there could be some historical basis, but it's not like Christmas or Easter where people actually acknowledge it.  Instead, it's as though the "holiday" arose out of thin air, and what good is it anyway?  When you were little, you had to bring cards to school for everyone in class, even though you knew that some of the ones you received were merely obligatory and would not have found their way onto your desk if the giver actually had the choice.  When you were in high school, it was simply a popularity contest about who could accumulate the most carnations.  In college, it's all about single girls getting upset about not having a boyfriend and drowning their sorrows in chocolate.  And then you have married couples who go out for no reason other than that they're "supposed" to.

I really don't feel like I would feel any differently if I were in a relationship; Valentine's Day will still be stupid.  The guy doesn't want to buy pointless gifts, and I sure as hell wouldn't want to receive them.  Flowers wither and die, chocolate will make me fat, and what the fuck would I do with a teddybear?!  If, in the future, I have a boyfriend, I will make sure he understands that we will not be doing anything out of the ordinary than our usual routine, and if he feels the uncontrollable need to buy me something then I would like an extra delicious americano or double espresso because that means much more to me.

In conclusion, if anyone feels left out today, please don't.  Just be happy you don't have to partake in the cheesiness that is this holiday.  I am.

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