Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Question

Okay, so I have a lab report due in less than four hours so I need to make this quick and get my fat ass out of the apartment to finish it in time buuuut...are all the pipes in a bathroom connected?  The reason I ask is that our shower drain was clogged and water refused to go down.  Normally, I would assume it was just hair, but then the handyman flushed the toilet a few times so I wasn't sure if that was related.  Maybe he just had to use the bathroom, but I don't know.  Because obviously it would totally be my fault if the drain was clogged as a result of my excessive spilling of the contents of my stomach into the toilet.  Oh well, it's fixed at least, and it will be nice showering without inches of water at my feet.

I have a mini rant, too, but I'll save it for tomorrow because the lab report is not going to write itself...ugh, and then I have to do laundry.  Joy.

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