Friday, April 1, 2011


I finally worked out for the first time in forever yesterday, and I am so sore.  It's a good feeling because I know that I actually did something productive for once, but it's also difficult to convince myself to get my lazy ass off the couch to go work out again today.  But, since I have absolutely nothing else to do with my time and in order to prevent a binge since I have the house to myself until this afternoon, I am planning on going to the gym.  It's a struggle, though.

Also, I'm a bit out of practice, but I'm about to be shooting another poor guy down in the dating arena.  I mentioned to him yesterday that I'm not looking for anything and am not exactly a "commitment" kind of person...being a typical boy, he said that was fine and he wasn't either...lies.  See, when I say that I'm not a "commitment" person, I'm really saying that I never see the same person more than once or twice.  I don't like for people to get too close, and I don't like to be touched.  I don't want some guy to hug me or put his arm around me or tell me he thinks I'm beautiful.  It just all makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable, and when I say so, if I do, then they inevitably ask why, which just irritates me.  I merely shake my head, say that it just does, and distract myself.  I just kind of wish that, for once, a guy that I meet would be fine with just being friends and not see me as a piece of meat or arm candy.  But, for those of you who have seen When Harry Met Sally, it just isn't possible for a guy and a girl to be friends.  One of them will have feelings for the other, and that in itself throws off the entire relationship.  It's inevitable, it always happens, and it sucks every time.

Of course, I know that once there is a guy who isn't interested, I will want them to be.  Funny how that works...I'm going to go workout now and burn off the yogurt I ate a few hours ago.

P.S.  I hate ABSOLUTELY DETEST April Fool's Day, so please, for my sanity, no one try anything...though I'd have to give you props if you could via mere blog comments, but then I'd get pissed shortly after acknowledging your creativity sooo...

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  1. I feel the same about April Fools Day. It's a dumbass day in my opinion.

    I'm the same with guys. I shoot down guys who are interested, but as soon as one I like isn't... It's almost like a challenge or something haha.