Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well, I will officially be a college graduate this weekend after commencement.  I supposes I technically am a graduate now, but it won't feel quite so real until I have the diploma in hand.  The importance of graduation is kind of lost on me, and I honestly don't want to be forced to sit for hours listening to boring people babble on about boring things...but I don't have a choice anyway...parents are sentimental.  I've always assumed I would graduate from college, and so it doesn't seem like a great accomplishment to me but more like just another step in life.  Plus, there's the fact that I'm planning on applying for grad schools in December to get my Ph.D. (in chemistry, in case you're curious).

Finishing finals, though, was a great feeling, and the stress of it all was the reason for my lack of posts recently.  It's been really strange not studying for the past two days, but I'll have to begin studying for the GRE soon anyway.  Also, I will finally be enjoying life, I suppose, by actually socializing with people instead of cooping myself up in a coffee shop with a giant textbook.  I bought a pretty new scarf today, and I'm going to the zoo tomorrow.  Very excited.

I'm disappointed that I definitely gained about three pounds during finals because of the excess studying.  My usual lack of nutrition was destroying my frazzled brain, and it (unfortunately) needed more nourishment than a bagel.  But I'm trying to get back on track, and I think I'm almost there.  My mom agrees that I should lose at least 10 more pounds, which is kind of nice that she doesn't think I'm being ridiculous.  Although, she sees it more as I want to lose more weight for my love of fashion and sense of style.  I admit that I wear an obnoxious amount of layers, so I want my body to be small so that I look cuter when I'm draped in sweaters and scarves.

And before I forget, Happy St. Patty's Day!  I keep forgetting, and I don't plan on celebrating because I don't like overly crowded bars like they will be today.  Plus, there's the fact that I refuse to wear green for the sake of a holiday; any other day of the year, I love to wear green because it brings out the color of my green eyes.  But I don't like my standard wardrobe to be attributed to a holiday.  As much as I love the adorableness of little shamrocks...enjoy your green beer though, everyone!

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