Monday, July 11, 2011

when my mind is reeling and words are seeping

We bask in the sunlight to hide from the night
We flip the switch to turn on the lights
We run from the shadows and flee from dark corners
We cry at our funerals and join Death's mourners.

When do we learn our inevitable fate,
to bask not in light but accept it's too late.
Time won't stand still and we continue to die
Dying each day, why be scared and why cry.

I've lived my life and regret everything
I think on the past and would change anything
I'm still searching for the day that I wake from this dream
hoping that my life was not all that it seems.

These empty years, I wait for a different day
one where the sun rises in the west and sets in the east
when the cock crows at dusk and the birds sing in the moonlight
and yet I wait and I wait and I continue to count
as the clock keeps ticking at the same dulling rate.

I can't move mountains or walk on water,
I can't leap from a bridge just to fly to shore,
I can't fix the peace or stop world wars,
but I can ponder and think and mentally wonder,
creating great visions inside of my head
to give my life meaning in the real one's stead.

One day I will wake up and the world will be different,
the spitting image of what I've dreamt it to be.
That day will be beautiful and forever to me
as I lie in my bed, tailor made in dimension
and three and three more feet under.


  1. omg did you write that? its beautiful!
    you have a talent for poetry. :)

    That first stanza was captivating btw