Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today was the first day of my fast, and thank god I made it! I'm relieved to know that I still have the strength and willpower because after so many days of eating so poorly I was worried that I had lost my mind. I'm not even hungry right now, which is a good sign I think. I had better lose five pounds soon because that's how much I gained after only a week and half...Granted, it was a week and a half of practically straight bingeing.

Part of the key is to make sure that I am not home for extended periods of time. I was gone all day from 8 this morning until 6 at night, and I just drank black coffee during the day. I find it very easy to live off of coffee and other sources of caffeine for the majority of the day. I realized that when I binge, it is ALWAYS after dinner. So how do I fix this problem? Simple. I eliminate dinner. If I don't eat that meal, then I won't start eating everything in sight. It's foolproof.

My goal right now is to make it more than five days without food. Ideally, I would like to fast for as long as possible. How long can people go without food anyway? I have read that people can go four to six weeks, depending on other factors. So if I drink a lot of water and continue to take my vitamins, then I should technically be able to make it at least four weeks without worry. Realistically, I probably will not make it that long, but one can dare to dream. I leave for spring break in exactly four weeks, and it would be great if I could refrain from eating until then. Obviously at that point I will probably have to start putting some sort of sustenance in my body in order to prevent my own demise, not to mention my roommate will be with me over spring break 24/7 in Arizona. We're visiting my grandparents, and I'm really excited for the warm weather. I generally prefer the winter, but I do enjoy visiting warmer climates on occasion. Plus, I have all these cute summer heels I want to frolic around in.

Anyway, I will continue to keep you guys updated on my fasting extravaganza, and if you want to join me then let me know! It would be great to have a fasting buddy. Soooo anyone want to starve together???

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