Saturday, February 27, 2010

Determined to stay binge free

Okay, so I have lose five pounds since Tuesday, which is awesome! So I'm just half a pound over the weight that I was a couple of weeks ago, but I'm determined to keep it up and not let a binge come on. I ended up having some spinach last night and ended the day at less than 100 calories still. I could have made it without eating, but I was worried that my metabolism would stop or something because of the fast. I've heard a lot about that happening, so I figured that I would have something small and see how it affected my weight the following morning. But now I'm not really sure what to eat today. This was the first morning that the effects of not eating has started to take its toll, but I have a feeling that maybe it's just dehydration. I tend never to drink water, which is horrible, and honestly, I don't know how I'm still alive sometimes! The only sources of water that I have are coffee, diet pop, I'm working on changing that because caffeine dehydrates you, so all the coffee I drink is actually negating the water that it contains.

One of my biggest problems is that I do really well for several days and then end up bingeing at the end. It's like I take three steps forward, one step back. So ultimately, I am still losing weight, but think about how much more I would lose without that backwards step! I just need to stay motivated. And I've noticed that when I crave sweets, I really should just eat some fruit or something because that works fine for me. But by the time I decide to give in, I'm ravenous so I go to the grocery store and buy unhealthy food like ice cream. So I am determined not to let that happen.

Also, I have noticed that I can be very persuasive when it comes to my inner thoughts. If I consciously wrinkle my nose when I'm around food, then eventually I start to subconsciously feel repelled by all things associated with food. If my mouth waters because something looks really good or has a rich aroma, then I get really frustrated and bite my tongue in reproach. And again I start to feel revulsion by the food. It's all mental, and even if I really want something, I just need to convince myself that I really don't. So that's how I'm determined not to binge today. It's not that I really feel like it, but I'm just worried that it will happen regardless. I just need strength!

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  1. You are doing great. So inspiring :) Keep it up, Stay strong x