Monday, June 7, 2010

Truly Alone

A few hours ago my roommate knocked on my door with "something important to talk to me about."  I had a sneaking suspicion what she was referring to, but I had no idea she had known for so long.  She wrote me a note, and I guess she just wanted to express her concern before she left for the summer.  Obviously she's worried about me living alone.  Hell, I'm scared myself.  But she said she wouldn't force me to do anything and has been researching how to deal with the issue.  I guess her research has paid off, though, because she was really understanding.

Anyway, a girl I've been texting (not Arii) didn't respond to my message earlier today, and when I sent one later to tell her how my roommate found out, her mom texted back instead.  She's a really nice woman, though, and wasn't really angry with me.  I told her I would delete the contact and was sorry.  And I stayed true to my words.  I told her to tell the girl I hoped she would get better and be happy.  The mom told me I should tell my own mom because it would break her heart if something happened to me.  This woman is lovely, and her touching words actually made me cry.  I can't stop.  I know she's right, but how do you tell a parent something like this?  At first, I felt completely alone and my heart stopped when I read that initial text, but her mom has given me some strength...isn't that weird how that can happen?  I thought she'd hate me.  It's refreshing to know that there are such kind people in the world.

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