Tuesday, June 8, 2010


No, you're not imagining things:  the ticker has moved to the right.  Okay, so I only dropped below 145lbs by less than half a pound, but still!  I can't believe it, and I am ecstatic.  I'm determined to get below 140 so that I can get a new swimsuit.  My first goal weight is 139, and I'm only 5 pounds away.  When I weighed myself a few minutes ago, I had just taken a shower and had a dinner that consisted of a 100 calorie salad and part of a cantaloupe.  Other than that, I've had some tic tacs, a bullion cube, and sugar free werthers, so today has been stellar.  I should be less than 200 calories total for the day or slightly above.

This is a quick post because I simply could not contain my excitement, especially after such a crappy night last night.  Fortunately, it's all over with and I am done with finals as well.  All in all, it's a good day...well, weight wise...can't say much for the other aspects of my life.  But does anything else matter anyway?!

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