Friday, July 2, 2010

Lightening the Mood

Okay, okay, after going through my increasingly disturbing posts of late, I decided that I should probably try to lighten the mood despite the raging thoughts in my mind at present.  My mom called me this morning to tell me how I needed to be social because it's necessary to life, and I tried to make noises of affirmation even though I fail to see why friends are essential to living.  Because they aren't.

BUT I'm going to write something more how I've lost some weight!  I refuse to weigh myself for a while longer because then I won't be prone to bingeing.  Also, I'm debating getting a new swimsuit form Target today.  I only have two swimsuits (which I get is more than I need), but one of them is too small on top since my chest has gotten bigger over the past five the color is fading.  I figure it's time for a new suit then, even if I might never wear it.

I still don't know what I'm doing for the holiday weekend, but I'e been watching a lot of Wimbledon.  Can I just say that Rafael Nadal is soooo adorable?  If you've never heard of him, google him.  His little personality quirks though are just so friggin cute.

Anyway, I'm going to figure out how to occupy myself for the next few days until I can go back to work on Wednesday.  I'm bummed they don't need my help until then because of the holiday since it was such a great way for me to distract myself.  And since I'm no longer sleeping...well, that just adds even more hours to my already boring days...Geez, I'm supposed to be uplifting...


  1. great job on loosing weight! <3
    And; I too think that you should be social more and that you need friends and when you are there for them; they will be there forr you when you don't even think you need them.
    Rafael Nadal is the cutest thing ever <3
    I was watching tennis yesterday and thought of youu <3 haha!
    And yeah I think you should if you have had the same one for five years. It's good for a little bit of change.
    love yah.

  2. i love Nadal! i agree completely, he's super adorable (: