Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Come on Funny Things to Ponder, don't be dumb

Today:  spilled a 24 oz coffee in a computer lab so I spent a good ten minutes running between the bathroom and the lab with paper towels.  Sometimes I amaze myself with how smooth and graceful I can be.  Ironically, a girl came in two hours later and was like, "Wow, it smells really good in here today."  I told her, "Your welcome," because my pumpkin coffee spill contributed something positive to the freezing basement computer lab.  I'm such a good person...a good, graceful, smooth person...

I have one exam down and one hell of an exam to go.  I just can't wait until I can go out on Friday night because then I will be stress free.  I'm about to continue studying, but I wanted to mention something first.  I don't know if you have ever noticed, but I have a little gadget about "Funny Things to Ponder" at the bottom of my blog.  Well, today's when I looked was this:

If blind people wear sunglasses why don't deaf people wear ear muffs?

Now, I personally thought that was dumb because the answer is OBVIOUS.  Clearly the thinking monkey forgot one important detail about this.  Sunglasses shield the eyes from the sun, so of course, if you're blind, it's kind of funny to wear them.  (I don't know how it feels to be blind, though, so maybe the sun bothers them, too).  BUT, ear muffs aren't supposed to protect the ears from noise; it's for the cold.  So unless deaf people (and I'm half deaf...right ear doesn't work anymore...damn ear infections) are numb on on the outside of their ears then they would wear ear muffs, too.  Am I just missing something with this whole thing?  I mean, ear muffs are those fuzzy things you wear when it's cold out and you don't want to wear a hat that messes up your hair, yes?  Soooo deaf people don't get cold ears or something?  Dumb thing to ponder...thoughts?


  1. haha I chuckled at your blog. Yes, you're absolutely right, blind people's pupils are dilated so they have to wear the sun glasses. I think this question might have been made up by a younger person.

  2. Haha I laughed whilst reading this post :)

    Your little box thing asked me:
    If you have an open mind is there a chance your brain might fall out?