Friday, October 15, 2010


I have a little funny anecdote from today, if you want to call it that.  So I was at work, in my little cafe, and a rather cute medical student came to buy some coffee.  He's one of our regular customers and was feeling chatty, asking how my coworker and I were doing.  She said great, and I gave one of those little (adorable, ahem) grunts.  If I've never mentioned it, I'm a chemistry major (Note:  anyone with the option...don't choose chemistry as your sucks) so I have a ton of homework, stress, and projects to worry about, all which fry my brain.  And unfortunately, most of the work that weighs down on me is weekly, so as soon as I finish one assignment, the next is already being assigned.  It's never ending.

Anyway, he laughed (cutely), and joked for a while as I got his coffee.  But one of the things that he said is why I titled this entry "ironic."  He glanced at our plastic cutlery and said, "Don't let her near these sharp objects.  Only spoons for her!"  Or something like that.  Now, it was highly amusing, and I definitely laughed...but at the same time, I was inwardly thinking...shit, if only they knew that I already use pointy objects.  Of course, the reason being my self abuse has nothing to do with chemistry, which while I complain about the load of coursework, isn't what actually stresses me out in life.  It's just what I verbally complain about because I'm not going to complain about my self destruction, fatness, etc.  But I thought you would enjoy the story regardless and had to share it.  I wasn't offended by any means...and the guy was cute (which I've mentioned at least three times already).

So hello, Irony.  Thanks for entertaining me today and making my boring life somewhat interesting.

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  1. Bahaha love awkward moments when you have a freeze frame in your brain and you're like "aawwww shit" lmao you're adorable you little flirtatious monster.