Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day with my mom

Today is finally the day I get to hang out with my mom!  It's only been a month since I last saw her, but I'm excited anyway.  We're very close (although she's knows nothing about my, um, self destructive habits), and I think it will be a great day.  Also, I've been losing a decent amount of weight (don't want to jinx it so knocking on wood...and hoping my desk is legit wood and not fake paint), so I look okay.  Sadly, my straightener broke this morning, but I have naturally straight hair so it's not devastating.  Aaaand I got acrylic nails yesterday with one of my friends, and they look very pretty.  I'm a nail biter, so I was sick of having ugly hands and nails.  They're currently painted a deep purple, which suits me perfectly.  I'm a big fan.

And I also have a little update on what apparently went on last weekend when I was blacked out and wasted out of my mind.  Apparently, I made out with a coworker?  And not only was a girl.  In my defense, she started it and tried to kiss another girl, too, but I was so drunk that we just went at it.  Afterwards was when I face planted and probably became more of a wreck.  Fortunately, I didn't actually get sick until I was home, which explains why none of my coworkers mentioned it (thank god!)  At first, when I heard this story, I was horrified, but then I quickly got over it and realized it's just kind of funny.  I feel like when girls make out, it isn't really a big deal.  Neither one of us swing that way (it's fine if people do, of course), and we were just wasted.  Besides, guys find it a turn on sometimes anyway...It's funny that I had an odd feeling in the back of my mind and glimpses in my dreams this past week of making out with her, but I pushed it back and just thought my mind was going crazy.  I guess my subconscious remembered.  Good thing, too, that this other girl I work with informed me that I was hilarious, and she had a blast and "soooo much fun" playing beer pong with me that night.  Phew!  I was worried I made a complete idiot out of myself, but if I was entertaining in a positive way then I did my job!

Likely going out tonight, too, but my game plan is to not black out, to not drunkenly eat (which I succeeded last weekend in that arena), and to wake up in my own bed again.  Wish me luck!  Oh, and not get sick...I do work tomorrow, after all.


  1. hahaha love the drunken stories!!
    you're such a bad little monster.
    Have a great time with your momma!!
    omg i would cry if straightner broke (its my life line!)