Monday, October 18, 2010

Shopping sucks

I love clothes and shopping and everything, but I have to say it can be extremely irritating sometimes.  When I went with my mom (it was a great day, by the way), I couldn't find anything.  I did find one random sweater, but considering how many things I tried on and how many stores we explored...maybe I just have a strange body type.  I have a very tiny waist, which is the only part of me that I'm proud of when it comes to my body, but I also have a good sized chest (C cups) and a "bubble" butt.  And while guys supposedly like that, and maybe I wouldn't care so much if I was smaller as a whole, but clothes are never made for the hourglass figure.  Sure, they claim to be, but they're totally not.  If the apparel fits my butt, then it's too big in the legs or huge on my waist.  And if the sweater or shirt fits my chest, the rest of it is really baggy...obnoxiously so.  Or things are just too short.  I'm 5'7", which isn't super tall, but I prefer my shirts to be a bit longer anyway.

(Sigh) I guess tailoring is the thing for me, but who wants to buy something and have it not fit at the time of purchase???  The only two items that I fell in love with were a red hat with a giant black bow on it and a gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous!, faux fur coat.  The hat was amazing because it was a little bigger on my head, which I like since I'm a big fan of teasing my hair, so it kind of naturally creates that effect by just being a larger hat.  And the coat was just...I can't even put it in words.  Sadly, they were just too expensive.  The hat was well within my budget range, but I wasn't going to spend that amount for a hat. A sweater?  Sure.  Pants?  Shit yes.  A hat?  Hell no...tempting, though.  I'd also love another pair of boots, but I feel like good ones are hard to find because I like when there's a lot of space between the boot and my calf.  I have big calves...okay, I just have big everything and wish I didn't.  One day...


  1. I know what you mean. I'm not an hourglass but kinda straight like a ruler and it is immensely difficult to find decent clothes. If jeans fit my legs they don't fit my waist or hips. They fall down haha. Or if shirts fit the chest they are floaty around the waist.

    Despite all this I still love shopping :D

  2. I totally get what you're saying. I have big boobs, and it's hard to find dresses cos the only ones that fit my boobs are too big for my body! SO annoying!!