Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(Sigh) Fail

First off, thanks for all your wonderful input.  The color scheme is definitely staying the same because I think it's easy on the eyes and I'm definitely not a big fan of over decoration.  So I'll just brainstorm some subtle touches and finessing this weekend to make everything a little nicer, while staying simple.

Secondly, my first day of liquid fast was a failure.  I didn't eat much, and to be honest, I wasn't really feeling the fast 100 percent.  I caved at work and had sushi for lunch...it's nice that I crave sushi every time I work.  I mean, let's be honest, if you're going to crave something to eat then isn't it nice when it's healthy, less than 250 calories, and filled with protein?  Thank god I'm a sushi whore.  I'll never get sick of it since we have four different kinds anyway.  And none of them have cream cheese or other ridiculously fattening additives...I know the calorie counts anyway.

And I have a story for you about work today, but I think I should put it off until tomorrow so this post isn't obnoxiously long.  It's just kind of a funny anecdote.  But on another side note, has everyone decided what to be for Halloween yet?  I don't want to dress slutty since I like to cover my body completely in my self conscious way, but I'm thinking about being Spongebob.  I need a red tie, a Spongebob t shirt, brown trouser shorts, white knee socks...okay so everything required for the costume. My roommate wants to be the three little pigs and have someone be a wolf, which is a fantastic idea.  That would be a different night, but I'll have to find something that has long sleeves without getting her disapproval.  She hates that I wear sweaters out and refuse to take them off, but I officially can't wear short sleeves considering the state of my arms.  I do have a long sleeve petal pink shirt...hmmm...

What are you being?  I'd love to hear!!!!


  1. I love sushi as well. The kind with cucumbers, carrots, and avacado with a bit of soy and wasabi. It is a good thing to crave for sure!

    For halloween I'm thinking of being Emily the Strange. Hahah should be a pretty easy costume (and a long sleeve white shirt is permitted, I've got the same issues girl). I LOVE the Sponge Bob idea. Sponge Bob is pretty much the greatest creation ever. I love that I can watch it with kids I babysit and they get a kick out of it and so do I!

  2. that costume sounds cute =) and Im going to be a blanket which is really just two of the same blanket sewed together with cuffs and I'll have to star out to see it but I'll be warm! have funn