Monday, October 18, 2010


I feel like my blog needs a little decoration, but I don't know what yet.  If anyone has idea, feel free to let me know!  I won't be changing anything for a while since I'm so swamped by all my homework and things, but it's in the back of mind nonetheless.

Also, I'm starting a fast tomorrow for a week, but to be honest it's probably going to quickly turn into a liquid fast.  This is for several reasons:  1) it's easier to continue for a long time, 2) your metabolism stays up a little longer, and 3) there's a 99 percent chance I'll be drinking this weekend.  I feel like those are all quality reasons, and it's hard for me to be at work in a coffee shop for hours and hours at a time without eating anything.  It's just so tempting, especially the sushi, but if I have a soy latte then I should be fine.

Oh and I'm going to wear my new sweater tomorrow!  I'm very excited about this...maybe a hot med student will like it and flirt with me.  Maybe they flirt anyway, but I'm oblivious.  And I'm frequently told that even when I like a guy I don't make it seem like I do.  My mom continues to tell me that I need to "throw them a bone," but I don't like putting myself out there like that.  It makes me feel vulnerable, and I don't want to look desperate or pathetic.  No wonder I'm still single...


  1. Ooh. I like your blog like this! :) But maybe some colour? Haha, I'm not good with creative stuff.
    Good luck with everything babe.

  2. I definitely think you should keep the purple though..maybe a title picture in the background? Good luck on your fast btw, I'm liquid fasting again as well.. uggg lmao. Mom's... they always know how to rain on the parade lol
    xoxo stay strong babe.