Friday, October 1, 2010

Too early for life...

It's not even 7am (although it will be by the time I finish typing this), and I'm awake and irritated.  I awoke about 40 minutes ago, washed my face, put in my contacts (which promptly burned my dry eyes), and did my makeup.  Unfortunately, something was wrong with one of my contacts, so I had to take it out, which ruined my makeup and caused me to rewash my face and redo my makeup.  I'm going for a much cleaner look today, with just mascara and foundation, blush, etc., because I don't want to look like the living dead.  I feel sorry for all you people who have to get up this early every day...I'm spoiled now, I guess, not having class until 8:30am.  But in college, that's still early.

Anyway, I have this assignment for one of my classes that's due today, and even though I've spent hours working on it already, I'm still not done.  That's the reason why I'm up before the sun, pondering how much caffeine I'll be drinking today, and supplying you with a mini rant/complaint.  I just want to get this thing done!

I'll update tomorrow with something more least my eyelashes look good today...


  1. Oh my God. I hate it when contacts play up. I changed mine to new ones this morning, but left my old one's in from last month!! All day I had kinda blurry vision but I didn't know why. I just realised tonight. I'm so silly!!! :)
    Good luck with finishing the assignment!

  2. Have you ever noticed that on days where you do your makeup PERFECT suddenly contacts or something make your eyes itch and you end up fucking up ur hard work! lmao

    Oh college..8:30 is early.. i have a 8am class MWF and TR i start at 9:30 which is soooo nice. thank god its friday!!

  3. I usually try to do my make up so I look natural .. I have a baby face and a more "festive" make up (like eye liner) gives me a wierd dolled up face :)

    visit me :)