Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ahhh school

Why is it that I have so much shit to do and not enough time to do it?  I don't think I can even begin to properly express how much I wish life had a remote control so that I could just fast forward the next week and a half and pretend like finals are over.  At least I have one tomorrow so I'll have one out of the way, and I can see the finish line even if it feels like forever and like I have to go through hell to get there.

I also saw the first snow today...granted it was really only a few snowflakes for a very brief amount of time, but beggars can't be choosers.  I do live in Ohio, after all, and we just don't get that much snow (or at least, not as much as I would like).  It's also great to know that it's officially December, which makes the Christmas season feel more legit.  Personally, I think December is the best month of the year.  What's not to love about it?  Except for December 25th...that's a dark day in my book.  That probably sounds strange but think about it:  Christmas Day means that Christmas is over.  I love the holiday season not the day itself.  I feel like Christmas Day around noonish is extremely depressing because the gifts under the tree are gone, the tree has served its purpose, and soon the decorations will be gone.  I get this empty feeling in the pit of my stomach and always get the feeling I want to cry.  I suddenly feel like I've lost my purpose, and my reindeer slippers (which have bells and are duck taped on the bottoms since they're ancient...stole them from my mom) will no longer be acceptable.  Although, I'm not sure if they're ever really acceptable, but I love them anyway so...

Also, I think I'm back to my pre Thanksgiving weight.  I'd check to see how my velvet pants fit, but I just painted my nails black and they're still a little wet.  I probably shouldn't be typing, but that and putting on tight pants have drastically different repercussions to drying nails.  Fortunately I'm typing with the pads of my fingers so no damage done yet.  The black polish has a glossy overcoat, and my nails look almost like an extremely dark purple instead but I think that's because of the lighting.  Maybe when I go outside the color will be more obvious.  It's strange that I've wanted black nails for so long...I'm not a gothic or emo or punk kind of person, so it looks just more...chic?  I'm a big fashion kind of person and can't think of the last time I wore a tshirt even.  So anyway, I need to go to the library and search for the book I need for my final tomorrow.  I'm displaying my epic procrastination skills...I'm talented.


  1. I´m sure you´ll do great in your finals!
    Chrismas days also depresses me, like there´s nothing to celebrate anymore...
    I always paint my nails black, I´m not goth or anything like that either but I just love it.
    Good luck tomorrow!!

  2. i love the holiday season, everything is just so much happier. other than the food aspect, its quite fantasitc.
    and black nail polish is very lovely in my book, on anyone really. although i used to me scene or whatever, haha, i still like it even though im not anymore.
    good luck on your final!
    and reindeer slippers = ALWAYS acceptable. (: