Friday, December 3, 2010

Before my mind shuts off...

I thought I should post before my brain completely dies...I just got home from the chemistry computer lab about 30 minutes ago after being there for nearly 12 sucked.  So I drank a lot of coke zero, red bull, coffee, and sadly, binged.  Fortunately, I'm almost done with my papers, and I haven't shut down yet, though I'm sensing that will be happening within the next few hours.  Basically I just stopped home so that I could shower, redo makeup so I don't look like a zombie, and put on fresh clothes.  All nighters really do suck sometimes (or all the time, really).

This entire weekend is going to be dedicated to studying physical chemistry, which is hell.  Normally chemistry is just terrible to study for in general, but the king of evil in this subject matter is by far pchem.  Sure, people complain about organic chemistry all the time, but that's only because so many people have to take it since it's required for medical school and a lot of other majors.  Very few people get the, um, privelege(?) to take physical chemistry, so you hear less about it.  My advice?  Dont' take it...because you're seriously delusional if you think you want an in depth look into the motion of subatomic particles.

So my game plan for today is to drink lots of coffee and calorie free (AND HIGHLY CAFFEINATED) beverages and maybe have sushi for lunch/dinner as my only meal.  I get off work at 5:30 pm, at which point I will come home and sleep.  I have a big day of stuyding ahead of me tomorrow, and I want an early start and a fresh brain...and an empty stomach.  Personally, I find studying easier on an empty stomach, especially when dealing with finals since you sleep less with malnutrition.  But really, if you want to add more hours to your day stop eating and you'll naturally stay awake longer.  And I'm rambling in my manic state and lack of sleep and whatnot so gots to go...I'll update more logically tomorrow.


  1. oh god i can't even imagine. i barely got through high school chemistry (and i'm not a dumb person!) - try and get at least a little sleep!

  2. God, I really hate chemistry haha I´m sure you´ll do great!
    I can´t study if I don´t sleep, my brain shuts down, it´s great that you can.
    Like damnprecious said, try to get some sleep.

  3. good luck with chemistry! and i hope your doing alright! and yeah, ive noticed less food = less sleep. which makes me look like hell, but i feel better. ohhh weellll. whatever works, right?