Thursday, June 9, 2011


I think it's nearing that time of the month again because I've been bloated and bingeing.  For some reason, I always ALWAYS binge several times the week before I get my period.  Then, when I'm on my period, I have practically zero appetite.  In the end, I end up having a shitty fat week and then get back on track.  But I really wish that, for once, I wouldn't binge repeatedly.  It was my dad's birthday today so I had cake, steak, chips...need I say more?  I now have rolls.

Hopefully, I can turn this around and begin working out again tomorrow.  Also, I need to start sleeping...but I've been getting 6hours consistently every night, which isn't necessarily good for me.  Therefore, I'm going to inform you all that I had better eat less, exercise more, and finally sleep tomorrow so that in my next post I will have good news to tell you...



  1. Don't be too hard on yourself, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start and I know you'll make the best of it. I despise being on my period, I think I've lost mine though. I hope that you have a lovely day, stay strong, stay beautiful. <3

  2. With my period, I eat alot on the days after my period and a couple of days before but durign my period I have little appetite. But I'm taking so many painkillers during my period that I usually force myself to eat.

    stay strong and don't be too hard on yourself, it happens to all of us :)

  3. Don't worry about mini binge attacks most women get them before and during their period.. I know I do.. and I binge on stupid cheese.
    Don't lose hope.
    You can do it!