Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 3

Alrighty, today I have eating nothing, but I have definitely consumed a lot of black coffee, water, vitamin water zero, and diet pop.  So I'm still succeeding with fast!  And I'm not hungry nor am I eating tonight, so I think I'm good to go.  For some reason, I think that fasting is sometimes easier than just eating very little because you have definite rules on what's okay and what's not when it comes to eating.  Plus, I don't have to calculate calories!  It's kind of an odd feeling not whipping out the calculator on my phone, but, hey, I'll take it.  And I just played 30 minutes of light tennis, and I'm going to do some crunches soon.  I didn't burn very many calories, but it's not like I consumed any either.

Tomorrow is day 4, and last time I fasted, I broke the fast after the fourth day...or was it on the fourth day? I don't remember exactly, but the number "4" is in my head either way.  But since I'm fasting for twenty days, I should be fine...I'm going to be strong and you girls who are fasting with me are AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much for all your motivation and encouragement; I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate it.

I'm sorry this post is so boring, but I haven't had any epiphanies or exciting things happen to me...except my professor singing in class...that was a sight to see.


  1. Haha, yay for exciting teachers.
    You're doing so great! :) Keep up the good work.

  2. Woot, your so amazing. Why can't I be like you? Ugh your just too awesome! (:
    So, I think I am going to join this fast, maybe. I have never done a fast before.
    I have to buy a lot of vitaman water (luckily theres some in my cafeteria!)
    One of the main reasons I come to your page is to listen to your playlist!
    Did you know that I thought you were like the coolest persons on here when I first went to your blog? I loved your profile. And thought you were like a freaking awesome person. And that I would like never talk to you.
    But here we are talking on a daily basis.
    Plus I thought you were one of those people who like are so full of themselfs with their anna.
    But clearly, you have feelings (:
    I love tiny dancer by elton john. It's like my favorite song.
    Girl you have a good taste in music.
    What if you were really a boy... AH!
    haha i loooove you. (Not in a weird way. cause I'm not a creepy old man)
    You know what's the BEST binging & purging food. I found out yesterday..... CEREAL!
    it's your food with liquid so you dont have to chug water before you purge!
    its like amazing. (:
    But I think you are doing amazing on this fast. YOU ARE MY IDOL, my thinsperation.
    haha (:
    imma leave now, and text you to go on your pge JUSTTT so you can see this. And if you haven't seen Charr's, hers too .
    p.s. I am WAY too hyper, sorry
    Arii <3

  3. Haha Arii you are so adorable and just made my day!

  4. I hope my phone isn't killing yours. I'm sorry if it did! I don't know what was happening! :(

  5. Hey hey :)
    I'm so happy to hear you're doing so well! You're such an inspiration!! :)

    I love how supportive everyone is in this fast... I would've failed ages ago if it wasn't for all the support we give each other.
    I love reading everyone's blogs :)

    Stay strong girl, you're doing amazing! I'm so jealous that you manage to work out, because I'm such a lazy ass I hardly get any excercise....

    Anwyway, hope you're having a good day :)
    Think thin!