Friday, April 9, 2010


I hope you like some of the changes I made to the layout of the blog. I will probably add some more music and pictures, but I also added the bmi calculator, some links to good exercises, my ticker, and a funny little gadget on the bottom of the site. Also, in case you were curious, I have to get down to 121 lbs in order to have a bmi less than 19%. So naturally, that is my next goal, and I will be reaching it. I am looking forward to the post upon which I can finally claim to be officially will be before summer so just hang tight. I am determined.

Now, I took laxatives for the first time last night...or rather, for the first time without actually needing relief for constipation. I won't get in depth because truly no one wants to read about my bowel movements, and I, equally, don't really want to write about them with any detail. However, let me just say that last night I didn't think they, I was wrong. They're just a bit delayed. I could see how people say they're addicting, though, because it definitely does make you feel a lot less bloated and much cleaner. But I would advise only taking them the night before a day of nothing because being near a bathroom is crucial.

I am still planning on the very long fast starting on Sunday. This is going to be interesting, and honestly, I have very low expectations of my success. Obviously that is a horrible way to start, so I am working on getting myself motivated and more positive. If I look at it from a logical perspective, I would see that 1) it will not kill me and 2) I would lose a lot of weight, then it should be no big deal. In fact, my body should be grateful for not being loaded down with fatty food. Encouragement much appreciated, people!


  1. so, you're 5'9"? ;) sorry im scarry.
    question i've always wanted to ask someone on laxies; how compfortable are you buying them? or do you ever get nervious when paying? (because you think the cashier knows why you're buying them.)
    im in on the fast, but it's a long one eh. just think positive, you'll do great!
    staystrong, page.

  2. yeah, i used to get really uncomfortable buying those, diuretics, and diet pills, but i have since decided that i just don't care...generally what i do though is go to a drugstore that i never really go to since i dont see those people often and then pretend like its no big deal when i go to the register. but there was one time this really cute guy was the cashier...that wasnt a laxative buying day though, just diet pills...but still
    and i'm glad you're in on the fast! feel free to comment every day with your progress b/c i look forward to all comments :)

  3. Please remember to stay hydrated! Water, juice and milk to maintain a proper electrolyte balance ok? You might already be off because of the laxes. Please listen to your body and do what you need to do to stay alive and healthy during your fast

  4. thanks i promise i will be drinking lots and lots of water and maybe zero calorie vitamin water and powerade for electrolytes? i promise to write how i'm feeling in my posts, too!

  5. The first time I took laxays I felt the same thing...they don't start working right away..but once they start to work you feel sooo light and so clean and, I like that feeling atleast. Drink lots of fluids through this fast, we will be okay, we are strong^^