Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fast Starts Tomorrow!

Okay, so I've noticed something.  If I am the same weight for several days, I feel absolutely, positively, undeniably disgusting!  I've kind of known for a long time now that there is no weight at which I will be happy.  This isn't about losing weight really, and ultimately, no amount of weight lost will cure me.  Whether I'm a size double zero or a size eight, it will never be enough.  I feel as though my fat is literally dripping off my body all around me, and I can't stand it.

Fortunately, my three week fast starts tomorrow, and I am gearing up for it and ready to go.  I will be drinking vast amounts of water, diet pop, and black coffee, and will likely be engaged in excessive gum chewing, as well.  My first hurdle that will be difficult to overcome is my smoking date I have tomorrow.  Apparently, a few of my friends are getting together to smoke, watch the discovery show "Life" (which is narrated by Oprah?), and have a grand ole time.  Naturally, people tend to get the so-called "munchies" when high, but it's all in their head and I refuse to allow myself to participate in the snacking expedition.  However, last time I didn't get the munchies, so hopefully I will be fine.  I will be sure to have lots of gum with me.  I mean, seriously, I can't fail the fast on the first day.  Of course, if I do, then I'll just pick up again the next day and tag on an extra day at the end, but that shouldn't be necessary.  I will be strong!  Wish me luck, and I will let you lovely people know tomorrow how I am doing!!!!

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