Friday, May 14, 2010

Guess who?

So I was looking through pictures of myself on facebook, finding all my flaws and looking back on a time when I was thinner (but still not thin enough obviously).  I found a picture that I felt perfectly reflects how I feel a lone girl lost in a sea of people.  I also was talking to my mom trying not to sound too depressed, and she kept telling me how I'd be happier once I lost 15 pounds...lies.  I pretended like that was true, but honestly, when I was that weight I was just as depressed.  She's probably just forgotten since that was several years ago.  But anyway, today I ate well even though fasting is more ideal.  I had a small apple with a sprinkle of honey, cinnamon, and sugar, and fat free yogurt.  Delicious.  I can't eat much today anyway because my stomach is trying to rip me apart...not sure why.  I decided to take a whole bunch of laxatives to see if maybe that would make me feel better, and since my roommate is gone for the weekend, I can be as unhealthy and pathetic as I want for several days.  Awesome.

Now, feel free to look at the picture below and guess which one is me!  This was when I was a senior in high school, starving myself, and what my mom thinks is a weight that would make me happy.  Of course, I was still depressed at the time this pic was taken, so whatever, mom.  Good luck, ladies  :)