Monday, May 3, 2010

Sometimes I hate people

There were these three people who came into my cafe today (two girls and a guy), and they were talking about their weights and some girl they know who is overweight.  They were laughing about how she probably has to roll over to get up, and I wanted to kick them out of my coffee shop.  What little fuckers!  I'm sorry, but I was so angry.  How dare they say things like that?  I may not be fat, to be honest, but I'm certainly not skinny so I took great offense to their comments.  It's just not right to say those things aloud or in public.

And I binged yet again today.  I can't do this anymore, and bingeing and purging is not healthy...neither is fasting, but at least then I'm skinnier and probably won't go into cardiac arrest, right?  I'm going to be living alone this summer, so causing a huge imbalance of my electrolytes or causing more heart problems would not be ideal...if I had a heart attack, no one would know.  So my goal right now really needs to be conquering these stupid cravings so I can lose weight, keep it off, and be healthier...ish.

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