Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Awww I love you all!

I just wanted to say how much I love getting comments, and it was nice to know that you were glad I posted again.  I just assumed people would have forgotten about me, but it made me smile to see I was wrong.  I've been in a lot better of a mood lately, which will probably be obvious in my posts.  I think they were getting more depressing by the day this summer, and I can't even reread them.  Sometimes it's a little frightening how dark my thoughts turn.

Sadly, however, I binged on fiber one bars a few hours ago?  Granted, I still consumed less than 1500 calories, which is considered a normal amount I think for people.  So hopefully I won't have logically gained weight, but the fiber one bars are going to destroy my stomach...which is why I haven't gone to sleep yet.  I'm a little nervous about how terrible I'm going to feel tomorrow as a result.  I need to work, drink tons of coffee (and maybe a red bull because I really want one right now), and then work out.  No margaritas tomorrow for me, as I had originally planned, especially because the guy I've liked forever will be in town this weekend.  I'd like to look pretty for him!

I think I'm going to distract myself tomorrow at work by writing some poems and perhaps bring my computer with me.  If I come up with a really good one (that isn't ridiculously depressing...although it most likely will be...can't help it!), then I'll post it.


  1. Aw, of course we missed you! I'm really glad that you're back, lovely.
    I hope you end up posting one. I would love to read it. <3

  2. Ooo yea! poems!
    Mmmm boy are the best motivation for looking good! If I wasn't so crazy for my little monster man I probably wouldn't care how I look.. (ok that's bs, i'd still be EDNOS lol) I'm so glad you're back, and those sad posts are ok..it's a good way to reflect and release!