Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I wrote several poems last night while I couldn't sleep sooo I'm posting two of them.  They came to me without much thought...maybe insomnia should be my new muse.  Enjoy:

the shadows passing in the evening light,
the moon creeping in to take the night.
the face appears to haunt your dreams,
to laugh and mock your habitual sleep.
the devilish sound, it reaches your ears,
stealing your bliss to awaken your tears.
gone is your rest and lost is your peace
til the breaking dawn ends the devilish feast.

the sunlight beats down from an open sky,
burning my skin while i refuse to cry.
i curl inward to ignore blatant pain,
pretending i'm calm, still somewhat sane.
but the voices don't stop screaming inside.
i'm the one thing from which i can't hide.
i'd like to tame this self made dark beast,
but i doubt i will ever know such release.
it does not do to dwell on these dreams
when a dream is all and all it will be.