Saturday, October 9, 2010

Poem time

Lately, I've been obsessed with "Song to say goodbye" by Placebo and "Falling Again" by Lacuna Coil.  I should add them to my already depressing track list on my blog, but until then, I highly recommend them.  Good songs.  I also wrote a lot of poems yesterday in my sleepless stupor, so I thought I'd post one while I contemplate whether going out and meeting with friends or wallowing about last night (a night of bingeing, purging, taking lots of laxatives, and other abusive things)...I'm in a better mood today, though, because I'm wearing a pretty, new sweater.  Now for the poem:

Clouds roll by in the moonlight sky,
passing shadows where the darkness lies.
Hidden creatures watching the figure,
a black cloak that keeps getting nearer.
The pale skin glows alabaster white,
eerily vibrant in the dimming light.
A chill falls upon the sumer land,
as the ghostly being raises its hand.
An omen so dark that the owls cry,
and all that is passed, left to shrivel to die.
The world has tasted a piece of hell,
the figure serving as its warning bell.
A caution to all of the future still,
where all will be food for the devil's fill.

Creepy, I know...

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