Thursday, December 9, 2010

No more finals!

I thought I should exclaim my excitement about being done with finals!  It's an amazing feeling, and I'm hoping that now I can get my life, or at least my concept of time, slightly back on course.  I had a pint of ice cream yesterday to celebrate, knowing fully what I was doing, and then purged it...that brought my intake to about 1500 calories but hopefully the purge got rid of some of them?  Idk, but I didn't gain weight miraculously.  My body is exhausted, and I have a raging headache but I'm playing Christmas music, drinking black coffee, have a vanilla candle lit, and am planning on repainting my nails within the next few hours sooo it's a good day?

I was supposed to work at 7am this morning and I did, but the cafe had so few customers since finals are basically over and students are leaving for home for the holidays so I was sent home.  Normally I would rather get paid, but this was one of my least favorite (okay, is my least favorite) location to work at so going home was fine to me.  Sadly, now I can't decide if I should take a nap since I'm awake.  It's so early still so I might...I have nothing special to do all day but contemplate my life <-- which is never a good thing for my state of mind.

I chatted with my mom and joked about how my roommate thinks I don't like hugs, which is actually true.  She likes to cuddle with people and has no problem with that kind of thing, while I avoid human contact as much as possible.  My mom doesn't really understand because she's huggy and claims my dad is, though I'm convinced that's false.  Sure, he hugs my mom and now us kids, too, (albeit awkwardly and adorably), but we're family.  Or maybe I'm just searching in vain for a reason behind my obscurity and heredity is the best reason I can find.  Anyway, it's only 8:30am (ish), so I need to find something boring to do.  I won't eat until after 12 or 1, and I'm glad that's one rule that I never break.  So bring on the coffee!  Oh and I need a shower...I'm fucking freezing.


  1. Congrats on finishing the finals!
    It´s great that you have a day off, you could watch some movies,go out with a friend or something like that.
    I hope you´re having a good day =)

  2. before I read this, let me say, I'm liking the christmas colors :D
    okay now let me go read this .

  3. Yay! You're done with finals <333
    I'm so happy. You were stressing out a bit. But thats alright, they're over now and I bet you did awesome.
    I'm the kind of person who loves to cuddle but not like with most people. I don't know, I'm weird.
    But I do love hugs, the meaningful ones though. Cause sometimes the just 'how are you hug's are awkward.
    stay strong hun <33

  4. lucky you! finishing finals. gaaah. i havent even started mine yet.
    i like hugs that dont last long, and cuddling... occasionally. i just dont like it when people hug me and like feel me... idk, im weird.

    hope you had a lovely day. <3

  5. i dont like hugs, especially when im hugging someone i dont like that wants one and theres no polite way to get out of it. what happened to an old fashioned handshake??