Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm home for the weekend since I had nothing better to do over Valentine's Day weekend. Usually when I come home, I eat horribly and binge because I see it as a vacation almost. But I'm not letting that happen this time. I refuse to. My goal is to have lost three pounds by Monday since it'll have been about three days. I try to average a weight loss of one pound per day...obviously that will plateau but hasn't yet fortunately!

I've eaten some pineapple for breakfast and had some greek yogurt with blackberries for lunch. It's less than 250 calories, but sadly I don't know the exact number. It isn't a whole lot, I guess, but I feel disgusting anyway. When I've eaten, even if it isn't much, I still am reminding that I would weigh less if I hadn't eaten it at all. It's really frustrating, and I honestly don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to eat at all. I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to a permanent least until I binge (which obviously isn't ideal).

I had one more thing to mention...I'm Catholic, and Lent starts this coming Wednesday. Does anyone have any good ideas of things to give up? I've thought about chocolate, but it worries me that I'll end up bingeing the day before or as soon as Lent is over. And then I've thought about diet pop, which would be good because if I binged on it then it's still zero calories...but I drink it so much! And if I gave up chocolate, then one or two days of bingeing is probably still better with the >40 days without it, right? Help!


  1. when I was younger I always pledged to give up school for lent, even tho I'm atheist.
    But I think giving up diet sodas for lent would be best, as once it's over yew can have a crazed soda binge and it will hardly even matter.
    If yew had a crazy chocolate binge yew'd only feel utterly terrible about it afterwards.
    Good luck whatever yew choose.

  2. ya that's what i was thinking, too! thanks for the advice...i have a few more days to figure it out for sure, but i definitely don't want to have the usual over-indulgent "fat tuesday"...and good thing a diet pop binge is zero calories haha