Friday, February 12, 2010

A Pat on the Back

I'm planning on leaving a longer post later probably, especially since I'll be camped out around my apartment all day...leaving me prone to deep thoughts. So I apologize ahead of time if long posts irritate anyone because I can be very apt to rambling sometimes. Regardless, I just wanted to express my excitement about successfully avoiding a binge last night. My roommate and her friend came back with two pints of ice cream (Ben & Jerry's), donuts, and, of course, alcohol. Fortunately, I pretty much only like Half Baked ice cream because it has cookie dough and brownie pieces and is pretty much godly ambrosia in the form of ice cream. Also, I don't like donuts, but the temptation was still there right in front of me. However, I was strong and didn't want to ruin my 430 calorie day, so what was a girl to do? Well, I discovered my fail proof plan that has a 100 percent success rate so far at preventing binges that tend to happen after dinner and late at night. My plan? I went to 9 o'clock. So now I am well rested, two pounds lighter (yes, that's right, TWO pounds!!!!), and in a fantastic mood. So I hope everyone else's day starts out as amazing as mine has.

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  1. Haha my posts always land up being long, I always get carried away and ramble! But honestly I don't mind long posts :) two pounds is amazing, well done