Sunday, March 28, 2010

Deep Thoughts Long Overdue

It has been too long since I have left a deep post, so here it is. My thoughts as of a few hours ago as I sat in bed, writing in my journal:

Emotions are funny things saved for the weak hearted and those who are too naive to learn to control them. They're pointless and trivial aspects of humanity that I strive daily to rise above. I grow closer and closer every day to overcoming this unnecessary piece of my existence, gradually succeeding in overcoming something that only impedes my surreal path through life. I see no reason to care for anything; excitement and passion are mere emotions, both unnecessary and irrelevant. They show a sense of need, and neediness never fails to irritate me.

I am not weak. I do not need food or sustenance like other, weak willed people. I do not allow the rumble of my belly to rule my life. In fact, I rarely eat because I am hungry. When I eat, it is because I demonstrate a moment of weakness, a moment of folly, a moment of succumbing to humanity, a moment that I despise beyond all others. However, I know that I will be stronger; I will perfect. I will be the model of discipline, the epitome of self control, just give me time. All I will need is water and the pills that offer me all the nutrition I need. I do not fear dying because I have nothing to hold on to. And those people who disillusion themselves to believe that something is worthwhile or that love actually exists are merely trying to escape reality.


  1. I wish I were strong like you.. =[
    Anyhow, I am an idiot for believing in love.

  2. Maybe you've just had more luck than I am and am less cynical. Or maybe you're the strong one since you haven't given up and I am the weak one who claims love does not exist because she has yet to find it...