Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was so lost yesterday...literally.

My day started off great. I had lost two pounds from the day before, I was drinking lots of caffeine, and the weather was amazing. I headed out on my little adventure to Target, got a skinny iced latte on my way, bought a sketchbook, "Wasted," sudoku, and a few odds and ends at Target. Unfortunately, I could not find a tape measure anywhere. As I left Target, the bus that I thought I should take was coming around the corner. Thinking life was amazing and working out perfectly, I hopped on it, assuming to be headed home...WRONG! Where did I end up? I don't know. I ended up far away from my college campus in the middle of a sketchy area with no idea what to do. My roommate tried to give me directions to a bus stop since she was at work, but she thought I was in a nice little suburban area in the complete opposite direction. So I ended up wandering aimlessly, trying not to look like a victim (which they always tell you in self defense classes) even though I had a strong urge to cry (and I never cry!). And to top things off, it was after 6pm and getting! Fortunately, after wandering about in the fading light through creepy streets filled with abandoned and boarded up buildings, idly thinking about the high possibility of my getting shot and oddly not too unnerved about that particular possibility (I was more frustrated with my stupidity of getting on the wrong bus than anything else), my mom called my roommate's mom, and my roommate ended up leaving early from work to pick up my stranded self. After all the chaos, I did not get to work out, but thankfully I walked a lot. I was not a happy camper by the end of the whole ordeal. But at least it was an eventful day.

Also, I did my first sketch in my new sketchbook last night. My mom is an artist, so I love to draw. Usually I draw people because I love finding those little details in a person's face and capturing the emotion on paper. It's much better than inanimate objects or scenery, which typically bores me. My first official sketch was one of some model in a Shape magazine. It's just her face, and I think it had something to do with a makeup trend...or her nails because they were randomly shown splayed across her shoulder in a pretty plum color. I could check the ad, but I'm too lazy. If my camera was working, I would post a picture of the drawing. Whenever it decides to start working, I'll let you know.

Oh, and I didn't lose any weight from yesterday to today. I don't know why, and I'm not pleased with that result, especially since I ate less than 300 calories yesterday! What the hell?!

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