Friday, March 12, 2010

Time for Finals...ugh

I like finals week because there's no class, but I hate finals. Tomorrow I am going to be living off coffee and studying hardcore.

Also, I just thought I would mention that, as I decided yesterday, I fasted today. I just didn't really feel like eating, so I passed up the amazingly delicious smelling pizza at work today and drank my diet coke. And when I went to CVS while waiting for my bus, I ignored all the appealing snacks as soon as I saw the nutrition facts and picked up a powerade zero instead.

Tonight I am planning to measure myself with the new tape measure I just got. It's pink and pretty adorable. When I bought it, the woman at the register asked me if I was a design, no. Never really thought it would feel awkward to buy a tape measure, so that was a new one.

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