Monday, March 8, 2010

Nose to the Grindstone

Normally I don't post so early in the morning, but I'm already feeling inspired. My plan today is to go to work, work out, go to work again, work out again, and then go to bed. I should be able to get by with just drinking lots of water, black coffee, diet pop, and burning off lots of calories without much difficulty. Neville (my ipod shuffle) is very eager to take me through this journey, and he has both a thinspiration playlist and a workout playlist, which are very different ends of the spectrum with regards to music. I've decided to do a point system, which I have seen posted on many websites. It goes like this:

Food Exercise Water
fast...20pts 1hour...10pts +10cups...20pts
liquids...15pts 100 situps...5pts 9-10cups...15pts
100-200cals...13pts 15 reps of anything...5pts 8cups...13pts
201-300cals...11pts 7cups...10pts
301-400cals...9pts 6cups...8pts
401-500cals...7pts 5cups...6pts
501...600cals...5pts 4cups...4pts
601-700cals...4pts 3cups...2pts
701-800cals...3pts 2cups...0pts
801-900cals...2pts 1 or less cups...negative5pts

I'm leaving for spring break in a week and a half, and I need to lose weight. It would be really sad if I wasn't at my latest goal weight by the time it really matters! If anyone else wants to tally up points with me, please feel free! I'll let you know my number and progress when I get home tonight.

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  1. Maybe I'm slow, but I find that kind of confusing :P I'm going to join you in trying to lose weight for Spring Break too, though, I'd hate not to have lost any by the time I have to be in a swim suit x.x Good luck with your plan today! :)