Sunday, April 25, 2010

A little better

I finally decided to be social yesterday.  I had part of a muffin and four marshmallows (delicious day, I know) before deciding to go out for once.  I'm only 20, but I have a fake i.d.  I get nervous about using it because I'm always worried I'll be rejected from the bars.  The girl on the i.d. is really blonde, and I have light brown hair.  It hasn't failed me yet somehow, but I was still nervous.  In the end, a few of my friends and I bought some wine, drinking it while watching comedy central, before heading out to our first bar.  It was pouring rain outside, and my jeans were soaked...not ideal conditions.  (Fortunately, I had an umbrella).  The first bar we went to was pretty relaxing and a small gem hidden from the main road.  The liquor was cheap, which made me happy, and we managed to grab a little table.  I think we stayed there for about an hour before deciding to head to another more crowded bar.  It is known for being really strict with i.d.'s, but I've already been there twice somehow?  Last time, the guy at the door grilled me on the information on my i.d. and knew it obviously wasn't me even know he let me in.  This time, however, the guy looked at it, told me to smile for him (which I did), and then he let me in.  One of my friends asked me, "Did he seriously just ask you to smile for him?"  Yes, yes he did.  Sadly, there wasn't anyone we knew there, which was unusual, so we only stayed a few minutes before traipsing down the river, er, sidewalk, to another bar.  This one brought us a whole bunch of creepers, so when a guy came up, hiccupping, appearing as if he were about to vomit on us, inviting us to his party with free beer even though I insisted I'm a strictly liquor girl, and hand wandering to forbidden places, we decided to leave.

At first glance, it seems like the night was a bust, but somehow we still had a lot of fun.  I think watching and making fun of all the weird people while we were drunkenly wandering about made our night.  There are certainly some pretty interesting people in a big city.  I think one of my favorite past times is people watching, and my friends and I watch people and make up stories for why they are doing such ridiculous things.  We're very sarcastic, and I'm sure other people find it difficult to tell if we're being funny or mean...most of the time we're kidding, but every once in a while you get the creepy people who can't tell that you're making fun of them instead of flirting.  I don't want to sound like a mean person because I'm not, but when a creepy dude walks up to you and fails miserably with his pick up lines, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?  I'm sure these guys get lots of rejection anyway, and half the time I swear they're so drunk they won't remember in the morning anyway.  But I have a bad habit of assuming a guy is sketchy in a bar, even though I'm there, too.  It's a double standard I can't make myself get over, but I figure it's better to be safe than sorry...

Besides, guess who has a date on Thursday???  Gotta make sure I lose more weight before then...five pounds would be spectacular.  I feel like this is possible.  How were your weekends?


  1. Yay for you getting a date! :) Jealous little kid here. What're you guys going out to do? Glad you had a good weekend ^^

    My weekend food wise has been disastrous, but somehow I'm still losing, which confuses me. Done some exercise. Had some friends over last night & woke up today at 3. I feel lazy, and aside from that it's been a completely unproductive weekend haha.

  2. *take 2*
    Ugh; I feel like a horrible texting buddy for not asking you were you guys are going. But Charr had that all covered. xD

    You know my weekend; but I'm still going to tell you it detail by detail (:
    I woke up on saturday and had 1/2 fajita wrap. My sister was like '"Your taking an hour to eat that" cause she had the same thing and inhaled it. Then my sister dropped me off for a funeral after party; where I didn't eat anything in the hour I was there. Even though there was temptations. Then we went to the carnival-again- my family and I. Which was like 10 little kids, and I didn't anything. Because, like you know I hate carnival food with a passion. Only if it's milkshake though...
    I wen't back to the party; only to get picked up to go on the train and go into town. Where @ DSW and there was a gay guy trying on heels for himself! It was the greatest thing ever. Well I ended up getting just a pair of comfy, but crappy shoes so I could walk in them & my feet wouldn't hurt. I was thinking about getting UGG flipflops but they were like an uglygreen & just ugly in general.
    Then we went to go get my sisters car, which was at the party. And I begged her to stay. Which ended up me staying the night. And everyone was so drunk that my aunt made banana pancakes and fruity pebbles at 11:30. And I ate 1 pancake and a bowlof cereal. Me and my cousin were going to drink; but all of the beer was outside and they had a sensor light. And I would much rather vodka. But they only like had orange flavored vodka; which looked & smelled good, but tasted horrible. So we just split a mikes hard lemonade and called it a night.
    Then today my sisters friend called me and asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch with her and my brother; which I did. And when I came home I took a nap and woke up and ate my leftovers.

    sorry this is so long and boring, I just wanted you to know every detail about my weekend without texting it to you. (:

    I'm happy that your weekend was good.
    Arii ♥

  3. OMGosh American laws are so lame, 20 is way too old to still have to use a fake, come to the UK ;)