Sunday, April 18, 2010

Perfect Diet

I have come up with a new plan, and it is as thus follows:

Monday (0 calories)
8am            bottle of water
9am            bottle of water
10am            2 tbsp apple cider vinegar with water
            1 diet pill, 2 cinnamon, 2 diuretics, 1 vitamin
11am            black coffee
            bottle of water
(may continue to drink black coffee until 3pm)
3pm            powerade zero
            1 diet pill, 2 cinnamon, 2 diuretics
5pm            decaf tea
            bottle of water
9pm            diet root beer
            bottle of water

You might be wondering what spurred this, and it is the fact that I'm fat.  I'm doing a modified version of the 2468 diet (more like 02468), which I have never tried before because the calories get so high.  But considering I've been bingeing and purging more often than I'd like, I've chosen this particular plan.  I'm adding a fasting day, though, which is tomorrow.  The days work out so that the 800 calorie day is a Friday, so I'm planning on merely not eating and filling my calorie goal with vodka...that way I can actually go out with my friends for once.  And I might switch the fasting day and Saturday, so that day is the 600 calories one instead of Thursday.  It'll make more sense to you as the days go on.  I'm also not working out quite as much as I did on my fast last week, which quickly wiped me out of all energy.  I'm planning on being stronger this week and seeing where it takes me.  I've been so unhappy lately, and I thought I would see if finally hanging out with friends will cure that.  I have also been lightly toying with the idea of getting help, but it scares me too much.  For now, I will just keep it in the back of my mind.  If anyone failed at the fast and wants to try out my diet with me, I'll be posting my plan the night before each day...earlier than I did tonight.  Sorry for such a late post!

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