Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day Two

Wow, I really need to come up with better titles for my post...

Today is my second day on the ABC diet, and fortunately I'm still succeeding. Of course, the first two days are the easiest since the calorie limit is so high. Tomorrow will be a bit tricker, however, since I'm having lunch with a friend. I'm probably going to pull the "I'm not feeling that well" excuse, especially since I already told him I was sick on Wednesday for similar reasons. I think it would make sense then that I'm not fully better.

I'm so happy to be getting back on track. I was practically giddy with excitement earlier, but truly there is no better feeling than being hungry. I love hearing my stomach growl (when no one else is around). But it's definitely a problem when your stomach starts making noises when you're around other people. I remember a few weeks ago when I was on a fast, and my stomach growled. My friend looked at me and was like, "Are you hungry?" It was so embarrassing! I told her that my stomach just likes to make noises, but she gave me a funny look. And so, of course, the next day she wants to have lunch and I claim I already had a muffin. She asks me if I really did, and I said, "Yes, it was blueberry and delicious." Now, did I actually eat a muffin? No, but she doesn't need to know that. She's a really good friend and doesn't ask too many questions, which I really appreciate, especially since she's my roommate for next year.

Right now, I am sitting on my computer listening to "inspirational" music -- some of which I have posted on my blog. I'll have to add to that list soon since I have found some other good ones.

I also wanted to mention how jealous I am of those girls who are tiny and have exceptional metabolisms. You know which ones I'm talking about? Yesterday at work, there was this girl who went on break with: two pepporoni rolls, a rice krispie treat covered in chocolate, flavored green tea (has calories in it), AND potato chips. How can she eat that and still be so tiny? Then my boss, who is a guy, started talking about how she's so lucky that she has a great metabolism like that and how girls would be so jealous...I wanted to die. Here I am eating less food in a week than she eats in a sitting, and she's still skinnier than me. Granted she's about a foot shorter, but still! Life is so unfair.

But just wait. In a few weeks, I WILL be one of those girls that people look at and wonder how they're so skinny. I won't be eating lots of food, and it won't come naturally. But it will come, nonetheless.

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