Monday, January 18, 2010

First Day

Today is my first day on the Rainbow diet.  Thus far, I have eaten a whole apple and feel very full.  I woke up late, so I decided to eat both halves of the apple at the same time.  I'm very excited to see progress, especially since my eating this past weekend was terrible.  Drinking does not go well for me because being hungover makes me ravenously hungry...ugh.

But I'm determined not to beat myself up over it too much because I WILL be losing five pounds by next weekend.  I am convinced that this is a completely doable goal.  For dinner, which I will probably have around 7, I am going to cut up a cucumber and sprinkle some salt and pepper.  It's a good day.  The only problem that I have right now with the whole diet is Wednesday.  Since Wednesday is a fast day, I obviously can't eat anything.  Unfortunately, I am supposed to have lunch with a friend, so clearly I have to make up some excuse.  Good thing I have all day today and tomorrow to brainstorm.

Right now I am watching "You've Got Mail."  It's by far one of the greatest movies of all time, and I never get tired of it.  If, for some obscure reason, you have not seen it, I suggest you record it (it's on again tomorrow).  Apparently, there's a mini Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan marathon because "Sleepless in Seattle" is next.  Anyway, I'm going to continue to bask in the amazing-ness that is this movie.  

I apologize for the boring nature of this post, but sitting around in my apartment alone for the past two days has not been conducive to spurring any creativity.  I promise more interesting words of wisdom or complaints in the near future.


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